Signs a Gutter Replacement is Needed on Your Property

Gutter Replacement

A working gutter system, soffits and fascias are all key to protecting the condition of your home. Depending on the system you have installed, it is important to regularly check for signs of damage in case you are in need of a gutter replacement. Concrete gutter lining is ideal for securing your home with reliable protection and a respectful life expectancy.

Learn some of the signs that a gutter replacement is needed on your property:

Water Leaking

One of the biggest signs that your gutter needs replacing is if you notice water leaking from the pipework. This may be due to a crack or fracture or the water may be overflowing each time it rains. You may even notice dampness in the upstairs rooms of your property, which could cause further issues such as unpleasant smells and mould.

Visible Cracks

It is always important to regularly scan your home for any signs of damage. If you notice visible cracks, gaps or fractures in your gutter system, it is important to have them replaced. These cracks can cause water to leak into your fascia or even your home. Seeking a gutter replacement quickly can also give cracks less time to turn into larger fractures.

Sagging System

If your gutter system appears to be sagging, this could indicate that the brackets have loosened. This could be due to a build up of debris, which should always be regularly cleaned away to prevent problems like these.

Separated Gutters

A gutter works by offering water a safe and continuous route to somewhere safe where it won’t risk causing water damage on your property. Therefore, if you notice any part of your gutter separating, it needs to be replaced.

Pulling Away from Roof

This also applies if your gutters are pulling away from your roof, but if gaps between your roofline and gutters keep appearing, this could be a sign that your fascia boards are rotting. A gutter replacement can help with this.

Gutter Replacement Ideas

You can usually expect concrete gutters to begin breaking down after 30+ years. Water often finds its way through mortared joints eventually and typically seeps behind the concrete gutter to cause dampness in the upstairs of your property.

If you replace your system with concrete gutters, we recommend adding a concrete gutter lining. This can provide a life expectancy of between 20 and 50 years. They can be installed along the whole length of your concrete gutter by stripping off many rows of tiles before laying it. In addition to this, corner and mitred joints are treble sealed with an overlap system to reduce the risk of the liner leaking. At MW Roofline we specialise in concrete gutter lining, as well as soffits and fascias and are here to help.