Choosing Tudor Boards and How to Install Them

Choosing Tudor Boards

If you are looking to upgrade the appearance of your home, choosing Tudor boards can grant you a charming and timeless aesthetic. Mock Tudor boards tie in perfectly with render decorated homes which have a lot of empty space in their design. With a sophisticated yet minimal design and an easy installation process, this could be the home refresh you have been looking for.

Benefits of Polyurethane Tudor Boards

When investing in home design, you want the reassurance that you will be receiving something long lasting. Polyurethane allows a durable mock Tudor boards design, which is much more durable in comparison to real wood applications. As well as being hard wearing and high dentistry, polyurethane Tudor boards are waterproof, so there is no need to fear how the weather will affect your new home design.

Polyurethane is also easily customisable during the manufacturing process to the exact preferences your house needs. This offers a bespoke finish which slots perfectly into your desired home design. You will also be shown a range of RAL colours to choose from.

How to Install Mock Tudor Boards

Even the least experienced DIY-ers can install mock Tudor boards onto their home.

⦁ Using a hand saw or PVC saw cut your planks to size.

⦁ Next mark where your fixings need to be fitted, while leaving at least 25mm from the sides of each plank. Each plank will need at least 8 fixings.

⦁ Drill a shallow hole (10-12mm deep) for each fixing using the flat wood bit on your drill.

⦁ Apply the adhesive glue which has been recommended to you in a zig-zag pattern across the back of the planks, with a 25mm gap from the sides of the plank.

⦁ Hold your Tudor plank in place against the wall, then use a masonry drill bit to drill a 6.5mm hole around 80mm deep. This is where your frame fixing will go. As soon as you feel your Tudor plank pull into the wall, stop drilling as it does not need to go to the back of the plank.

It is important to remember that the polyurethane core on mock Tudor boards is soft, so do not press too hard. Alternatively, you can seek out professional installers to complete it all for you.

Where to Find Tudor Boards

When choosing Tudor boards for your upcoming home reservation, it’s important to work with a reliable company who can guarantee quality. At MW Roofline we offer an extensive range of home improvement services, including Tudor boards. Our polyurethane boards have natural grains similar to oak and are installed with natural looking pegs or dowels. For more information, please visit our website or call 0121 353 5646.